names russell. im an ex-gymnast and its my favorite sport. i swim and i also run, hike, and anything outdoors really. i can almost always be found outside and am an athletic person. im a cool guy and easy to get along with so talk to me, and if you got any questions, ask anything! =)

Libra has the worst time coping with = being given the silent treatment by loved ones, meaningless confrontation and selfish people
kinda just wanna go to sleep, in that kinda mood where im boutta overthink and physc myself out about everything +
Things just went wrong too many times. Suicide note of Tony Hancock (1924-1968)

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Libra after an argument = Depending on the severity, some will be extremely apologetic about the dispute; Other Libras will make it seem like it was all your fault
Let’s Be Real


Everybody wants but is unappreciative with what they have. You were given certain things because God knew what you were capable of working with, don’t take it for granted.



Anonymous said: I have this gigantic urge to just run to your house and Make out/cuddle with you until we fall asleep holding eachother ;)

can we please do that?


Zodiac Libra facts — Libra’s motto = don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.

Zodiac Libra facts — A Libra friend is a good friend to have. They know how to be funny, friendly and feisty (which is necessary sometimes).
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Deep Red - I’m in love with you.
 - I love you.
 - I think you’re cute.
 - You’re amazing.
Rose - You’re pretty
 - You’re hot.
Plum - I would fuck you.
Violet - I would date you.
Aqua - I could stay on your blog for hours.
 - You are my tumblr crush.
Orange - I want to get to know you.
 - We have a lot in common.
 - I wish you would notice me.
Cream - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog

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